Bob and Mike first met at the end of 80s in a band which played mainly music influenced by their idols – hard rock and blues rock giants of 60s and 70s.

Then their journeys parted due to their careers and families for many years. They both achieved top executive positions in their fields of expertise and they both worked all across Europe and played with various bands. When they met again in 2012 they realized they lived close to each other and agreed to play together occasionally. They rehearsed few acoustic covers and played them for their friends in pubs and on private parties. The gigs received much attention and for that reason they decided to give a proper name to their duo.

Bob plays 12-string guitar and Mike 6-string guitar so they named their band GO18 with the claim: „6 plus 12 Guitar Tandem“. Their playlist began to grow and so did the idea how to make the sound more complex and colorful.

One possibility was to hire a bass player and a drummer, the second was to combine live music with pre-programmed tracks. Bob and Mike rejected both options. They decided to combine their musical skills with tech skills and remain 100 percent live two-member band. Bob started to divide his parts into guitar and bass ones with the help of intelligent octaver and than started to use a special 10-string hybrid guitar/bass made by master builder Petr Prochazka.

Bigger problem was some kind of beat. How to change a low-key sound of guitar duo to a crazy rock-n-roll party when people ask for it? That was quite a challenge. GO18 solved it by dividing the drum kit between them. Acoustical drums were not possible due to spatial and technical reasons. That´s why the musicians decided to play the drums by feet with the help of triggers. At the beginning this set up required much effort and focus but after a while it became natural and GO18 achieved its first victory – to sound as a compact band and play live without playback, sequencer or looper and still remain only two members. They could also change their claim to „2-Man Band.“

There was a growing interest from the audience and it didn´t take long for projects with more famous colleagues to come their way.

Today GO18 composes its own songs in English and Czech version. Besides that the band has a wide playlist of international and Czech rock classics. Thanks to low-cost casting, minimal spatial demands and high quality sound they became an extremely flexible unit which is able to function in a small club or a bar as well as on an open-air scene or a big stages. Even today the duo still keeps in mind the original intention - to play for enjoyment, enjoy the production of live music with all its dynamics, unexpectedness and space for improvisation. That´s one thing that in our technological times full of pre-fabricated music will always amuse the audience. Because it reflects emotions, feelings and mood. And that is what music is about...




Original songs of GO18 are very difficiult to assign to a specific genre. It is a natural synthesis of acoustic music, rock, jazz fusion and funk

The arrangements use musician's playing skills combined with modern technologies. And so two men with electro-acoustic guitars present not only a complete variety of guitar sounds but also a touch of keys, flutes etc. Certainly there is always a drum track played by feet as an essential part of their music.


GO18 were founded to be a party band Even they started to write their original songs later, the initial idea to be "the best party band ever" still remains.

The sixties and seventies were the essential period of popular music and so GO18 love to play songs of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones and other classics, however they perform also fresher titles from The Rembrandts, Midnight Oil, Counting Crowes, Kings Of Leon etc.

Especially corporate teambuildings, art previews, birthday celebrations or a regular bar live music are the events, where GO18 can use their biggest competitive advantage. It is the adjustable sound level. The band is never too loud or too quiet. It is simply adjusted according to the wish of attendance. Beside a minimum spatial requirements, high quality sound and lighting and a fair price this makes GO18 to be an ideal musical component of any social event. Nevertheless the leading idea still remains - 100% live music with no pre-progarammed tracks, MIDI files, playbacks and other gimmicks.

A duo of excellent female vocalists - Martina and Dana join GO18 for bigger events. Music gets more colour with female voices and live percussion and the look of the band becomes more attractive.

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The GO18 has high-quality sound equipment for sound from small spaces up to about 300 people.

4 x XLR line - microphones
1 x XLR line - guitar
1 x XLR line - bass
1 x 6.3 jack line - guitar
1 x 6.3 jack line - drums

Hearing for vocals, at least 2 pieces